Common Questions

Why am I paying before I pickup my vehicle?
Can I rent a van by the hour?
What happens if I get a puncture in a hire van?
What happens if I get a speeding ticket in a hired van?
What features is the van likely to have?
What kind of fuel consumption will I get from a van?
Am I able to rent a van for several months?
Can I take a rented van abroad?
Are you able to supply a child or baby seat?
What do I do if my van breaks down?
What happens if I accidentally put petrol in instead of diesel?
Are the police more likely to pull me over in a rental van?
Can I drive a van on a car licence?
Can I hire a van with an automatic transmission?
Can I drive a 7.5 tonne vehicle on a standard licence?
Are there any age restrictions to hire a van?
I wear glasses/contact lenses for driving normally - is this ok for a van?
Can I rent a van if I have been banned from driving?